Annual reports


In 2023, the Global Cities Hub (GCH) changed its name (previously “Geneva Cities Hub”) to better reflect the fact that cities and regions were global players on the international stage, engaging in the global governance of common challenges and that the scope of GCH’s work is global.

Looking back at 2023, the GCH pursued its mission to better connect local and regional governments (LRGs) to the International Geneva ecosystem and to elevate the urban agenda. The year has been marked by the engagement of the GCH in six priority multilateral processes offering concrete entry points to LRGs: the 3rd Forum of Mayors and its interregional segment organized in collaboration with all UN Regional Economic Commissions; the Human Rights Council and its Universal Periodic Review; intergovernmental negotiations on a new treaty on pandemics within WHO, as well as on a new treaty on plastic pollution within UNEP; the issue of smart cities at the World Summit on the Information Society and within ITU more broadly; and the Global Refugee Forum steered by UNHCR.

Read our 2023 Annual Report to learn more about how GCH provided an effective platform for collaboration between LRGs and international players and strengthened the voice of LRGs within multilateralism.

The GCH Annual Report 2023 is available in French. An English summary is nonetheless available here.


In 2022, the Global Cities Hub pursued its mission, to better connect cities, local and regional governments to the International Geneva ecosystem.

The year has been marked by the 2nd Forum of Mayors, the launch of the Coalition “Local and Regional Governments in UPR”, increased participation of Mayors in the ITU WSIS event & our engagement on urban health.

This year’s edition is only available in French.


During 2021, the Geneva Cities Hub pursued its mission, to strengthen the role that cities and local and regional governments play in international discussions in Geneva. 

Read our Annual report to learn more about how GCH positioned itself in 2021 as a credible and relevant actor, working on urban issues and with urban actors, which have increasing importance for Geneva’s ecosystem.


The 2020 Annual Report presents the work carried out by the Geneva Cities Hub during its first year of existence to initiate policy discussions and other activities to strengthen the links between cities, city networks and International Geneva and also provides perspectives for 2021