The Global Cities Hub celebrates its 4th anniversary!

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Established in 2020, the Global Cities Hub has evolved into a dynamic organization that connects local and regional governments to international actors in Geneva and beyond, and which works to elevate the urban agenda within the Geneva ecosystem.

On the occasion of our 4th Anniversary, we are proud to celebrate the achievements of the past year (cf. our 2023 Annual Report here) and look forward to engaging at multilateral level to reaffirm the importance of local and regional governments (LRGs) in contributing to effective solutions to global challenges. For that, we will continue in 2024 to partner with all UN Regional Economic Commissions around the 4th Forum of Mayors which will serve as the Cities Summit of the Future; to engage on environmental and health issues, including with regard to the new treaties on plastic pollution and on future pandemics; to work with ITU to discuss the issue of smart cities within the World Summit on the information society; and to call upon States to devote more space to LRGs within the Human Rights Council.

As we mark 4 years of existence, the GCH expresses gratitude to its founders, all partners and supporters who have played a crucial role in our success.